Yo bailo (libro)


Yo bailo

Yo bailo' is a photobook resulting from the meeting and the vital and creative connection of two women: the dancer María Moreno and the photojournalist Susana Girón. The idea was that flamenco dance and photography should be related in a different way than usual, far from stereotypes.


Susana Girón: "Behind the great lights there are even greater sacrifices".

It is one of the flamenco books of the year: 'Yo bailo'. Its authors, the photographer Susana Girón from Granada and the dancer María Moreno from Cádiz, have set out to show the most human and unknown part of the creative process.

El diario

Yo bailo', or what happens when a dancer and a documentary photographer get together.

Flamenco dancer María Moreno and documentary photographer Susana Girón give birth to a book that reveals the effort of artistic creation.

Diario de Sevilla

María Moreno's own voice

The bailaora from Cadiz, one of the winners of the Biennial, and the photographer Susana Girón publish 'Yo bailo', a book that approaches "from the emotions" to the creative process.


Granada-born Susana Girón presents the new image of flamenco in 'Yo bailo'.

The photos of the artist and the texts of the dancer who stars in them, María Moreno, have given rise to a groundbreaking book.